TT31, the tomb of Khonsu , also called To (or Ta) .in the valley of the nobles -luxor -thebes

Entrance, north wall (right) 

Only the top of the bodies of three characters have survived. This time they face towards the inside of the tomb.
Again the first is Khonsu, whose shaven skull reveals the priestly function. The names of those who follow him are lost, but, considering the scene which faces it on the south wall, it can be supposed that the lady is again Tauseret, the mother of Khonsu, represented as on the other wall, and that she is followed by the son, Usermontu. This time the text above the characters refers to the time of the setting of the sun:

 "An adoration of Re when he sets on the western horizon of heaven, that they (sic) may give me a happy existence in the necropolis, going in and coming forth from the earth for eternity, and that his soul is not withheld from its desire (?). For the Ka of the high-priest of Menkheperre, [Khonsu]."