Dendera The birth of Osiris

The birth of Osiris
Osiris was born in Thebes in human form and came out of his mother's womb {Nut) goddess of sky on the first day of the epagonamal days 

Osiris was the  Master of everything that came to light
The birth of
Osiris was  in Thebes and was in the temples of Karnak  .his birthday was celebrated every year in the temple of his Mother during the Opt festival
According to the myth Osiris was born in Thebes in the first day of the epagonmal days ,hr wr in the second day in Qus  ,Seth in the third day in ombos ,Isis in Dendera and finally Nephtis in in Dios polis
The Birth of  Osiris has been represented in the scenes and inscriptions of one of the rooms of the roof   of the famous Temple of Dandara Osiris was represented in  the fetal position inside his mother's womb like an embryo in the womb of his mother as he prepared to go out into the world ,,,
it is one of the most famous scenes that had to be represented in the festivals celebrating the reincarnation of god Osiris  and everlasting eternity

the inscriptions in Dendera temple says 
says the sacred texts in Dandara,,,,
((oh god Osiris .your mother goddess nut is pregnant
she  takes care of the embryo in her womb
she creates your bones and gives you heath and youth
And gives   life to your skin and your members
The gives you the blood to live

It Thbk young people in your own time))
Hence we understand that Osiris renewes his youth and life in such festivals as the first time  he was born from his mother's womb .the sky goddess Nut