philae temple

this graffiti was done  by scientists and the French militarians accompanying General Desaix of the walls of the Temple of Philae.
 the graffiti begins with the letters RF an abbreviation of the French Republic and then AN 7 means the seventh year , and the names of some of the scholars of the French campaign who arrived to philae in 1799 , including Balzac and Costaz
in another graffito Fun fact locate philae lines of latitude and longitude , we note that the calculation of the meridians at this time was calculated dimension for the City of Paris and not to keep away from the suburb of London Greenwich , which has been considered the prime meridian and the standard zero starting in 1883 ,

 at the top of graffiti  two  letters MK and were the first two letters in the names of  the most important generals of the French campaign  Mino and Clipper hunters who succeeded Bonaparte
Clipper  was killed by Suleiman al-Halabi in Cairo , one of Strasbourg in France and secondly Mino , who gave up and married Ghada Rasheed and the campaign left French from Egypt in 1801 AD

 It is well known that Bonaparte had come to Egypt with about 40,000 soldiers and about 146 scientists who  have had an important role in the Academy, which was created by Bonaparte in Cairo, one of  these scientists mung  who was the  founder of geometry figurative and the world famous  mathematics scientist Avoest who was briefed later Champollion the Egyptian antiquities, as well as Berlto chemistry scientist and Moonjulveih  the inventor of the famous airship and Degent doctor etc etc. the most important thing accomplished by these scientists is a book Description of Egypt's 24-folder has been deployed in France since 1828