Temples and buildings

1: Nectanebo´s Kiosk
3: Temple of Ary-hes-nefer (Hor-Anhur)
4: Chapel of Mandulis
5: Chapel of Imhotep
12: Temple of Horus the Avenger
13: Temple of Augustus
14: Roman Gate
15: Roman Quay
16: Temple of Hathor
17: Trajan's Kiosk
Temple of Isis

2: West and East Colonnades
6: Gate of Ptolemy II
7: Outer Courtyard
8: Mammisi (birth house)
9: Nilometer
10: Temple of Isis
11: Hadrian's Gate

The builders of Philae

Amasis (Ahmose II Khenemibre)
The Twenty-sixth Dynasty may have been the first to build a temple on Philae. Around three hundred decorated blocks from his temple were recovered from the foundations of the Second Pylon and the Hypostyle Hall. The temple was thought to have consisted of three rooms including a small sanctuary. It seems to have been dismantled to make room for a larger structure

Nectanebo I
This Thirtieth Dynasty pharaoh constructed the enclosure walls and a monumental gate. He built a kiosk and began the construction of the Mammissi (the birth house).

Ptolemy II Philadelphius
This Ptolemaic pharaoh contined work on the main temple and the Mammissi.

Ptolemy III Euergetes I
This Ptolemaic pharaoh extended the Mammissi.

Ptolemy V Epiphanes
This Ptolemaic pharaoh built the First Pylon.

Ptolemy VI Philopator
This Ptolemaic pharaoh built the Second Pylon, added the inner court, the hypostyle hall and the Temple of Hathor (to the east of the main temple).

Ptolemy VIII Euergetes III
This Ptolemaic pharaoh extended the birth house, installed two huge obelisks beside the First Pylon and extended the Temple of Hathor.

Ptolemy XII
This Ptolemaic pharaoh decorated the Second Pylon.