New discovery in Alexandrea Egypt

The remains of the Temple of Queen Bernice: --------------------------------Was discovered on Tuesday, 19/1/2010 AD, Queen Bernice is the second wife of King Ptolemy III (246-222 BC). Was the discovery of the temple area of ​​Kom El-Alexandria and a large cache of statues, bringing together nearly six hundred statue from the Ptolemaic period in different sizes and typesDiscovered the remains of the temple with a length of sixty meters width of fifteen meters, and extends down the remains of the Temple Street Ismail Fahmy, and the temple Kmahgr use of lime, which led to the loss of parts of the stones.As such, it has been found on a large number of statues representing gods goddess Bastet fun and pleasure, which was a cat, and that the temple was built for it in the Ptolemaic period in the current region Kom bench, which is located within the territory of the Security Directorate of Alexandria today.Artifacts found in three places, each one a subject of cache for a large number of statues of cats and statues of children and women of limestone, pottery, statues of bronze statues of gods and goddesses Egyptian faience and terracotta in the very beauty, and in her lap Horus the child "Harbuaqrat" and the god Ptah, the god of Memphis .Deposit base of the temple discovered due to Berenice, a seventh and a deposit found in Alexandria from the Ptolemaic period, and returns its importance in it especially the first Temple of Ptolemaic to the goddess Bastet represented in the form of a cat is detected in Alexandria, which is a continuation of the worship and reverence for the goddess Bastet, which slave the ancient Egyptians, and built a famous temple in Tel extensor old Eastern Province, and was of the most beautiful temples of ancient Egypt, as mentioned by Greek historian Herodotus.Were also detected a pedestal of granite stone from the reign of King Ptolemy IV (222-205 BC). And inscriptions in Greek, the ancient of nine lines, indicating that the statue was of a person senior Court of Alexandria, this inscription dating to the memory of victory in the battle of Rafah in the twenty-second of June 217 BC, which won the Egyptians and the soldiers of the ancient Greek world, from five different communities on the Seleucids, who were in control of the ancient Levant, and that the soldiers have logged the document in love with Egypt and defend it.The detection of the archaeological collection of architectural elements of old such as water tank from the Roman era, from the third century AD and a group of private wells to save water depth of 14 meters below the surface of the earth, and the remains of stores and streams of water from the stone, and the remnants of Bath is, the number of pieces of pottery dating from the century BC, and pottery pieces are imported from the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea Rhodes.The pottery discovered chronicling the oldest layers, which revealed that she is older than the founding of the city of Alexandria in 332 BC. M. It is believed that the discovery provides strong evidence on the royal quarter in Alexandria since its inception and is one of the most important archaeological discoveries in the history of the city and it has been the transfer of archaeological finds to the stores for the restoration and preservation for presentation Tvia.