Tomb of Menna TT69 in the Valley of the Nobles Luxor Thebes

the offerings are presented to Menna by a group of seven officials, probably the owners of the fields, recognisable by their short-sleeved pink (or possibly semi-transparent) shirts, their pointed kilts and short wigs. They stand respectfully in two groups of two and a final group of three. All bend slightly as a sign of submission.
Their offerings , placed in front of Menna, include, from bottom to top, four baskets of fruits on top of which is a green gourd, five ovoid jars, a goblet filled with fruits (the colour now almost lost), three green plants, and at the top three yellow birds and two groups of geese.
Behind the officials can be seen the chariot of Menna, harnessed to a white horse with red markings. The horse has four reigns attached, from which, although not obvious, it may be assumed that there are in fact two horses. The reigns are held by the man standing behind the chariot, wearing a short wig and dressed in a white loincloth, keeping the horse/s under control. The body of the chariot is produced in red with a frame of blue. It is equipped with a quiver to hold arrows or spears.