The calendar of komombo

This carving is among the most famous carvings that are found at the temple of komombow.
It was made by the ancient Egyptians around 2000 years ago. It represents the annual diary or the agenda for use of priests and priestesses of Komombow, in order to organize the service and the rituals of the local feminine goddesses; the use of it is so limited to this temple.

The carving in komombo temple is divided into three panels ,the first describes the date and the month, the second details the type of service presented, while the third is about the local gods consorts .It is read from the right counts "day w

hich is a sun disc ,23rd ,10 is like an inverted U letter till 28th then 29th is different as 9 is a sun disc with a dash in it's center while 30th day is given a determinative character in the form of an animal tail to the emphasize the end of the month". Then starts over again reporting a new month which the third one of the flood season which is four month in total, reads the 3rd month flood, 1st day then the counting go in a normal order as you can follow it.