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Pharaohs arrived in Australia before 2500

A team ofEgyptian scientists specialist inhieroglyphsandpharaonic historysucceededin discoveringhieroglyphicinscriptionsinAustralia, whichis likely tohave crossedthe borders ofthe Pharaohsand arrived inthe Middle Eastbeyond theheadwaters of the Nileand were able todiscoverthe new worldArrivingtoAustralia.-

the teamstressed that theinscriptionsthat have been discoveredina forestin "Gosford"onthe east coast ofAustraliaandit isan original, written inhieroglyphicsalmost2,500 years ago.

Theexperts confirmedthat thediscoveryincludes300originalhieroglyphicinscriptioncovered, includingthe formulation andmethodofthe ancient Egyptiansusedto use it.There are somemethods usedthat have not beendocumentedbefore 2012.