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 Tour to ElMoalla and Elkab Tombs

Tour to ElMoalla and Elkab Tombs

The village of Elkab is located 80 km south of Luxor and 15 km north of Edfū on the east bank of the Nile. There, at the mouth of Wadi Hilal, was the ancient city of "Nekheb" one of the oldest settlements of Upper Egypt. Its massive mud-brick walls, dating to the Late Period (747 - 332 BC) are still largely preserved. The main temple was dedicated to the Vulture Goddess Nekhbet who was the patron of Upper Egypt. The temple is heavily destroyed and not accessible but you can visit 3 smaller temples as well as rock-cut tombs of the provincial governors of Elkab. Also well worth seeing are numerous petroglyphs and inscriptions which you can find on your way between the temples on the rock faces. Egyptraveluxe Egyptologist Tour guide will pick you up from your hotel in early morning to avoid the heat .

Start walking with your Egyptologist guide in Elkab  visit 4…