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Ancient Egypt: The civilization of God’s wrath

The pharoahs graves were dug up and looted. Their bones broken, their sarcophagus opened and their gold taken. Their tombs raided and their weapons sold off. Their graves moved or erased and or covered up. And this is the following of the nine gods. As I said in another chapter here, nine is of the occult and Egypt was one of the deepest of occult civilizations.
From their beliefs in the book of the dead and its magic spells to pass through the nine gates of the underworld to their building of the pyramids and their idols of half men, half animal gods. Their love was for gold and is of the god of riches and wealth. And all this and one man, one mild man God used to go in and go out and with him, take many out of bondage and slavery.
One man in a robe and staff to go up against the most advanced civilization of Egypt and against the pharoah! The place where the largest of structures of Earth have been built. And Moses walked it off like a good sport.

The egyptians worshipped cats, idols and were into black magic arts. The pharoah’s priests opposed Moses and tried to out do him with their magic arts, but Moses defeated that attempt with his single staff.
The pyramid has been a symbol of the occult and new age since any of us were born and when you see it, it is a warning to us that it is of something to think into the past about. When the one who was leader of this civlization defied God’s messanger and his warnings.
The pyramid is the symbol of idol worship and idolatry of self. When they say this is the true, original trinity and that the christian trinity is the follow up, false trinity…this is far from the truth. Do not believe this! The devil knew what was coming and does know his time is short and knows his fate. To counter God’s HOLY Trinity and to deceive many, he would create his own unholy trinity…in many forms. This doesn’t just come from the RA, ISIS, Horus trinity but there are others too. And just because it came BEFORE Christ…does NOT mean it is more true or more worthy than the trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
The New age teachings are based on pyramidology, book of the dead, egyptology, black magic and channeling the unseen. These are the unseen forces that also the pharoah’s high priests were in touch with. And like Hitler who received information from such forces to create an anti-christ army, so too did the high priests of Pharoah to consult with the unseen to gain the knowledge needed for the building of the structures of Egypt. How else do we believe that Hitler knew so much more advanced technology for the domination of the air in his time, compared to the advanced technology of the pyramid structures during the pharoah’s time? His arm broken by God? The next anti-christ is said to be one armed and with one eye and with akward legs and twisted hair, stout in size and of the anti-messiah that many accept as the true messiah. How accurate those physical features will be…is only to be known when this comes.
Their god was the lord of the underworld, sun god RA and the mother goddess of earth, ISIS and the god of war, son of RA, the plant MARS is represented by this and is the aeon of Horus that is approaching for the end of days…days of the global order under the rule of the new pharaoh.
The protest by blacks in 07 that King Tut was black. Actually, he was Egyptian with dark skin that made him appear to look black but he was not African. There were simply similarities to the features but the African black is different of the Egyptian dark skin. Many of the blacks supporting this are going by only appearance. There are also asians who are chinese and korean and taiwan or Japan and many look alike but are different races. This is the same with King Tut.

Would you connect yourself with a civilization that received the WRATH of God? That insulted God’s messanger? That defied God’s words? That tested God’s will? That enslaved God’s people? That worshipped idols? That were involved in the underworld and the book of the dead vs the book of life? That were of astrology, fallen angels, nephilium connections and are today heavy within occult secret societies? Would you associate yourself with any symbol related to such? With any religion founded on such research as the Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormans and Catholicism has basis in. Egyptian Oblisk center of the wheel at the vatican. Book of the Divine ages by Charles Russel of JWs. Egyptian plates read by Joseph Smith.
So, there you have it. This and there is a lot more to discover. However, today we have the novus ordo seclorum or New World Order under what on the back of US dollar? And what eye over the dollar? The all seeing eye of God or the eye of Horus? You be the judge. I simply show what is obvious.
I personally wondered for a long time why there is a pyramid on US $ money. And why anything related to Egyptian monuments or symbols are related to the Catholic church?

God took no time at all to take down the most powerful nation and civilization in the world with using the King of Babylon against the pharaoh and to scatter the people of Egypt and that HE DID. And it did not last against the God of Moses.
So…shall it come in our future, don’t be surprised of  the fallen angels and the new world order.


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